• Low background due to the elimination of autofluorescence
  • Bright luminescence with discrete emission bands
  • No photobleaching or self-quenching
  • Detectable through tissue and whole blood
  • Particle and reader manufacturing is done according to ISO 13485

Our customer was not able to measure clinically relevant concentrations with their current system (latex beads, sensitivity demand <500 pg/ml).

By changing to Upcon® technology, they reached targeted sensitivity with minimal optimization work (dry strips 4 pg/ml or wet strips 50 pg/ml). (Data courtesy of Medix Biochemica, Finland).

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Lateral flow tests (immunochromatographic dipsticks)
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Publshed 18.1.2022: Kaivogen and Labrox are forming togther with Abacus Diagnostica, also a Turku based company offering rapid molecular tests for clinical diagnostics, a new company called Uniogen!


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