The Upcon® portfolio includes dedicated readers for UCNP detection. Readers are equipped with a 980-nm laser diode and a sensitive detector to meet the requirements set by the exceptional Upcon labels.

The compact, easy-to-use and robust Upcon UCNP Reader is compatible with standard microplates and also scans lateral flow strips (a strip holder fits 10 strips at a time). This reader brings the great benefits of the technology both to R&D laboratories and also to end-users in various environments.

Besides the plate reader, we offer the portable Upcon LF Reader that reads individual lateral flow strips containing Upcon nanoparticles. This smaller-sized reader with similar performance to the benchtop reader (see the comparison data) is a handy option for on-site testing.

Lanthanide-doped particles are available as:
  • Raw particles without hydrophilic surface
  • Hydrophilic particles with –COOH groups
  • Ready to use streptavidin conjugated particles
Our custom service offers:
  • Conjugation to antibodies & other proteins
  • Custom particles according to your needs
  • Technology evaluations
Solid R&D pipeline:
  • Several hydrophobic layers
  • Different sizes

Publshed 18.1.2022: Kaivogen and Labrox are forming togther with Abacus Diagnostica, also a Turku based company offering rapid molecular tests for clinical diagnostics, a new company called Uniogen!


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