Is your assay lacking sensitivity? Do you need a lower detection limit for your lateral flow based assay?

Upcon® is a first-of-a-kind complete solution utilizing upconversion technology. It offers a unique concept enabling high sensitivity and great performance in life science applications, in research as well as in diagnostics. The Upcon system includes easy-to-use and robust instruments, brightly luminescent upconverting nanoparticles, software and technical support bringing the great benefits of the technology to research laboratories and also to point-of-care applications.

The Upcon system is a joint venture by two life science companies operating in Turku, Finland. The reader has been developed by Labrox Oy and the chemistry by Kaivogen Oy.

Start building your next success story today, allow Upcon to help in developing it with you.

Compared to lateral flow assay formats based on visual detection, the Upcon® format enables several hundred-fold improvement in the sensitivity.
The Upcon system includes the Upcon LF Reader, a portable reader applicable for point-of-care measurements.
The reader is manufactured and designed by Labrox Oy. OEM solutions are also available.

Publshed 18.1.2022: Kaivogen and Labrox are forming togther with Abacus Diagnostica, also a Turku based company offering rapid molecular tests for clinical diagnostics, a new company called Uniogen!


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